• Reinstonz Update - This past year, I took some time to decide what direction my art was going in.  I started blogging less frequently, in order to allow sufficient time for research and self-education.   The result has been focusing my energy in the area of fabric design.  This “final frontier” for me, has been a long time in the making…something that has […]

Week 1: Techniques and Demos

  • Paper Painting - I first discovered “paper painting” with samples shown on Pinterest.  It was artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire’s work, though, that really caught my eye: so much so, that I quickly ordered a copy of her book, “Painted Paper Art Workshop.”  This was unchartered water for me, but I knew my love of collage work would make it […]

Week 2: A Peek at Pinterest

  • Pebble Art - This peek at Pinterest involves something that caught my eye several months ago: pebble art!  You need only to search Pinterest with those two words, to reveal a variety of various interpretations of “sticks and stones” art.  What intrigued me most, was how such simplistic materials could capture the emotions and actions of the human form, with amazing […]

Week 3: Products I Love

  • Tombow Markers - I recently saw an advertisement for a poster print of an elephant silhouette that was filled in with brightly-colored shapes.  In order to successfully reproduce this image myself, I knew I’d have to use one of my favorite coloring tools: Tombow Markers.  These duel-tipped markers are especially fun to use with my adult coloring books, but […]

Week 4: Open for Discussion

  • Dealing With Criticism - Unless it’s constructive, no artist likes criticism…no human likes it, for that matter; but we all have to learn how to deal with it.  I remember thinking that the worst part of being a first-time author, would be facing the online reviews of the book on Amazon.  I asked another author friend of mine, how I […]

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