Reinstonz Update

This past year, I took some time to decide what direction my art was going in.  I started blogging less frequently, in order to allow sufficient time for research and self-education.   The result has been focusing my energy in the area of fabric design.  This “final frontier” for me, has been a long time in the making…something that has intrigued me for several years now, but that I didn’t have the time to pursue.  There are many design ideas running through my head; one of which, marries watercolor with zentangle patterns.  Of course, I have no idea if any of this will come to fruition, but I feel the time is right for me to try.

It is with a heavy heart, that I’ve come to the decision to retire my blog.  The time commitment will simply not allow me to continue to write AND give full attention to pursuing fabric design.  However, the web-site will NOT be going away!  Reinstonz will carry on as an “inspiration library” of past informative posts on an array of art-related topics…maybe you’ll find a little spark that motivates you to try something new!  I’d like to think that we’re all on this artistic journey together:  wish me luck in the fabric design arena…I’m gonna need it!  And in turn, I wish that all of you find happiness and success as an artist…regardless of which direction it takes you in!    

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