An “Oscar or Felix” Art Studio

I’m going to date myself by mentioning a lovable comedy from the 1970’s called “The Odd Couple.”  Tony Randall starred as Felix Unger, a neat freak, and Jack Klugman played Oscar Madison, a slob.  Both characters were forced to move in together, after separating from their wives. Even those of you too young to remember the show, can certainly understand the hilarity that would result from two such different personalities in one space.  Now imagine your art studio and what character above would feel most at home in it…

I have found over the years, that taking the Felix approach creates the most productive and stress free environment possible.  This “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” mentality means less time looking for supplies and more time “doing.”  It can also prove cost effective when you know exactly how much stuff you have on hand (no double purchases) or if you’re running low on an acrylic paint color and can make use of that coupon, on your next run to the store.  That coupon you strategically pinned on your organized bulletin board, in plain sight…not shoved in a messy drawer to be forgotten and never used!  Don’t get me wrong, I fully embrace my inner Oscar when I’m actually doing a project: supplies strewn across the tabletop, paper scraps on the floor, and half- filled containers of water awaiting their brushes.  I often leave the mess on the desk, in order to pick up where I left off on that partially completed project.  But once I’m finished, oh yeah…everything gets put back neat and nice. 

That said, I still find it incredibly hard to create out of chaos.  If you are one of those people that function well using your own unique system of organization, then God bless you…I’m in awe.  I don’t want to imagine a world without storage cubes and drawing tool caddies!  Do you have an Oscar or Felix art studio?  Let’s discuss!


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