Copy-cat Artists

I need only to browse Pinterest to find an array of “original” works of art posted by wanna-be mixed-media artists, impersonating the famous ones.  Why is this happening?  Are we so eager to hop on the established artist’s gravy train that we lose sight of what creating art is all about?  Art is an expression of ones self…not a carbon copy of someone’s work you admire.

When I look at other artist’s work, I tend to focus on the technique or tool behind it–not the art itself.  We can all use the same paint pens, but have six different outcomes from six different artists.  But when the art piece itself is copied, it’s an insult to the artist with the original idea.

Christy Tomlinson’s She Art series has to be one of the most replicated works on the internet.  Do you think it was her intent to have someone enroll in her workshop and then duplicate her paintings piece by torn scrapbook paper piece?  Absolutely not!  Like many mixed-media artists, her techniques and tools are shared with the public, to encourage them to put their own twist on the artwork demonstrated.  How about putting a face on that “faceless” She Art?  What would 3-dimentional objects look like on the traditional flat surface?  This is how you make a piece your own…a true original work of art.  The only take-away from a workshop or instructional course should be inspiration…let’s leave the Xerox mentality behind!

How do you feel about copy-cat artists?  Let’s discuss!  Please leave your thoughts on my comments page. 

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