DVD’s You’ve Learned From

I am a self-taught artist, at heart.  Yes, was earning a college degree by being formally trained a necessary foundation for my career?  Absolutely! But prior to my college education and post diploma, I immersed myself in books, magazine articles and DVD viewing to learn all I could from other artists.  This “solo time” allowed me to completely focus on the techniques and information being shown to me, without any distractions.  When viewing a DVD, I’m receiving private instruction from a seasoned professional and there’s no other classmates around to divide up the instructor’s time and attention.

I can easily name three of my favorite instructional DVD’s.  Because mixed-media embodies a rather large genre of art, my favorites are three different areas that I’ve struggled with, but have continued to fascinate me:

1. Collage Fast and Furious by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer:   This crash-course in surface applications covers all different mediums, tools and techniques.  The instructor’s enthusiasm is contagious and afterward, you’ll be truly fearless in your creative pursuits!

2. Stitch Imagery by Kelli Nina Perkins:  Fabric painting simply caught my eye.  Kelli uses photos as a basis for her designs, as do I.  There is also a direct correlation between my design style and the whimsical, colorful approach she uses with fabric.  The one exciting difference is the use of black thread instead of pencil lead or ink.

3. Artful Lettering by Joanne Sharpe:  Since I was a child, I’ve always loved designing with lettering.  And my go-to style? Once again, the instructor and I are on the same page: black ink over water-based media…it just makes everything pop!  Over an hour of some of the most inspirational instruction you’ll find!

What are some of the instructional DVD’s that you’ve learned from?  Let’s discuss!      

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