Favorite Craft-related Magazines

I’ve been subscribing to three magazines for my studio, that cover several areas of arts and crafts.  As we evolve as artists, it is our prerogative to change our minds on what interests us and what we could potentially excel at.  There was a time when I dabbled in polymer clay and jewelry-making.  Polymer Café was hands down, my go-to magazine for everything clay.  It showcased a medium that could be manipulated into the most fascinating creations and then beautifully photographed, for my viewing enjoyment.  I felt the same level of satisfaction from Bead Style magazine: up-close photos of the most intricate pieces of jewelry, simplified through step-by-step instructions.  Yes, I considered jewelry design; but my aging eyesight and blepharitis (inflammation and dry-eye) decided against it!  I have since chosen not to subscribe to either of these magazines anymore, but only because I took my artistic interests in a different direction.  I highly recommend them both otherwise and I have kept past issues of these in magazine files, for future reference.

And then there was one: Cloth Paper Scissors magazine is my bi-monthly inspiration fix!  This mixed-media magazine has everything an artist could be interested in: painting, collage, assemblage, bookmaking, paper arts, product and book reviews as well as, artists interviews.  There are contests you can enter and an on-going “call to artists” for submitting their work for possible publication in their magazine.  One of the things I like most about it, is it’s ability to captivate with photos and text on subject matter that I’ve never considered trying.  Assemblage is far out of my comfort zone; yet, words and pictures draw me in, to rethink and inspire me to give it a shot.  Any magazine with that type of persuasive power, is worth the cover price!   I’ve been a subscriber since 2008 and anxiously await it’s arrival in my mailbox every other month.  What are some of your favorite magazines?  Let’s discuss!   


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