Green Artist: Incorporating Recycling

I personally think it’s important to maintain a certain level of “greenness” in the artist’s studio…and I don’t mean just remembering to toss my aluminum soda can on my drafting table, into the recycling bin!  For decades, artists have created something beautiful, time and time again from junk and other cast offs.  One of my favorite things to recycle is magazine pages.  The one published by HGTV produces an unending assortment of thick, vibrantly colored pages perfect for mixed-media use.  Scrapbook paper and cardstock are scissor-cut, punched out and glued down until a mere smidgen is left to throw in the trash can.  “Waste nothing”  is my motto; because let’s face it, art materials are expensive!

Another timeless, green-movement idea is the use of aluminum cans and glass jars for brushes and writing tool storage.  Mine are spruced up with frosty silver spray paint and black and white patterned paper.  I corralled all of them in a wire and glass tray, to add a tidy and modern touch.  A brilliant alternative to pricey, cork-topped glass storage jars came in the form of a 14.5 oz. candle from Bath and Body Works.  Once empty and cleaned, I capped each one with a 4-inch diameter cork topper that I ordered on the internet.  These former candle holders now sit on a wall shelf filled with colorful buttons, beads and other ephemera.  How are you saving the planet, one magazine page at a time?  Let’s discuss!   

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