Is Our Blogosphere Polluted?

I began blogging back in November of 2014, when I launched this website.  I consider myself knowledgeable in many areas of art and have organized and formatted my blog to translate that info effectively through written word and photos.  In order to achieve this goal, I not only have to assume the role of teacher, but have to have the writing chops necessary to do so.  Blogging is a profession, after all…or at least I thought it was.  If you can’t write or instruct effectively, then how can you consider yourself a blogger?  Here’s where the problem comes in…too many people do!

Remember back when the misinformed people of the world thought homemaking was not a profession? “Oh, everyone’s a homemaker of sorts…it’s not a real job…” It took a few decades for the light bulb to go off, but eventually they came to the same conclusion: “Wow, it really takes a skilled person to take care of kids and manage an entire household.” Ya think!??  Well now, we have everyone calling themselves a blogger of sorts…it’s the new cool profession:  “Oh yes, I have a blog…”  Do you?  Or is it more accurately, a glorified Twitter or Facebook account?  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve finished watching a craft program, checked out the guest’s website; only to find a riveting post about their walk that morning and the loaf of banana bread they baked!  Seriously?

I want to learn something when I visit an artist or craftsman’s website.  A true blogger will be able to convey that lesson in a well-written, entertaining way.  It’s downright insulting to the many bloggers who put in the time to film a video, post tutorial pictures and write detailed instructions on a relevant topic.  There are several options for the blogger wannabes to post mundane “life updates” on the internet, instead of polluting cyberspace with useless drivel.  Please tweet to your heart’s content, post pictures on Facebook; but don’t under any circumstances, call yourself a blogger!   Do you think our blogosphere is polluted with irrelevant information?  Let’s discuss!

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