Learning from Online Artists

After my previous post on Products I Love, it seemed only fitting to mention my favorite online artist: Wyanne Thompson.  Although I’ve never taken an online class of hers, I’ve spent many hours watching her You tube demo paintings and have been utterly fascinated.  She is an example of an artist that I admire more for their techniques, than the paintings themselves.  Don’t get me wrong: her whimsical art pieces have global appeal and she has been extremely successful in marketing her work.  The subject matter is just not the genre of art that I’m drawn to at first glance. 

Through simple observations, I’ve learned so much from this woman: tools and materials, embellishing surfaces with paper and of course, resin.  The latter is a technique I have yet to conquer, but the end result is worth the time and patience needed to learn it correctly…and I will!  The single most important thing that she has taught me this past year is dealing with adversity.  Wyanne has spent the last year fighting and winning a battle with oral cancer.  Throughout the long, difficult recovery process, she used painting as a means to lift her spirits. The cancer took so much from her, yet she focused on what it didn’t take: eyes to see and hands to paint.  It couldn’t take her gift!  Art does heal the mind, body and soul. Wyanne, you’re my hero…your strength, determination and positive attitude are an inspiration to us all!  What have you learned from online artists?  Let’s discuss!

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