What Effect Has Social Media Had on Your Art?

I’ll be honest, I am a technically-challenged person…and it’s for this reason that I didn’t fully embrace marketing myself through social media. The thought of maintaining a variety of different internet applications was very over-whelming to me.  It was only after observing others in my field, that I realized how beneficial it could be as a marketing tool for my business.  It was time to cast fear aside, join this cyberspace cocktail party and mingle a bit!

Of all the social media platforms, Pinterest seemed to be the best place to start.  This is a go-to source for crafters, cooks, gardeners, travelers and artists…to name a few!  I have already accumulated “followers”, simply by showcasing interesting boards and pins.  I always return the favor by checking out a new follower’s boards and agreeing to follow them back, especially when I see boards containing similar interests to mine.  Sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised by what turns up on Pinterest.  For example, Cloth Paper Scissors magazine has a board on Zentangle, that I clicked on one day.  I discovered two illustrations from my book Creative Tangle pinned there!  How’s that for instant exposure?  Thank you CPS!  

Facebook has been indispensable for updating business info, book releases and was initially used for the announcement of this website.  In the future, I’d very much like to make You Tube videos with art demos or creative business tips.  Even though I had two relevant social media outlets, I was strongly urged by my book publishers to build a website and start a blog.  Again, something I didn’t embrace at first…but I’m grateful that society pushes us (or forces us) to move forward, or get lost in the shuffle. It certainly has been a decision that I don’t regret!  Social media has become the artist’s own ad agency: never before have you been able to reach a wider audience, with little effort and cost.  What has social media done for you lately?  Let’s discuss!        

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