Alcohol Ink Resist Technique Trivet

This week’s peek involves an interesting technique that was posted by She Zig Zags.  I’ve already gotten my feet wet with alcohol ink projects, so this one really caught my eye.  Yes, you’re applying alcohol inks to a glossy tile; but the twist is incorporating an embossed image to act as a resist!  She used some rather chunky, bold snowflake images for her reveal.  I didn’t own any snowflake stamps, nor did I want to create something “seasonal.”  I wanted my trivet to have a vintage, elegant look…or at least, that’s the effect I was going for.  I tweaked her instructions slightly, and the outcome was very successful.  Here’s my take on the project:  Start with stamping your image on an 8-inch glossy tile with Versamark and embossing it with clear powder and a heat gun.  Please note: It will take much longer for your embossing powder to melt on the surface of a tile, so be patient!  I chose a scrolled-image that I stamped and embossed twice on the surface.


Next, apply several different colors of alcohol ink over the top of the embossed images.  You can use any combination of rubbing alcohol, blending solution and applicators with felt pads to assist the flow of the ink colors on the surface of the tile.  Once dry, the original post said to lay a piece of printer paper over the top and use an iron to melt and remove the embossed images back on to the paper. You were instructed to keep pulling up the paper as you melted the image, as it might stick to the tile.  Eventually, it would reveal white images where the embossing powder was.  If you’re a little intimidated by the ironing method, I have good news!  Much to my surprise, I found that a stiff artist’s brush and my fingernail rubbed off the embossed image beautifully.  I painted the sides and back of the tile with a teal-colored acrylic paint and sealed it with mod podge.  I attached rubber bumpers to the bottom and sealed the top with a clear varnish spray.  Because my stamped image was more detailed, the ink seeped in certain areas and created that worn, vintage look that I was after. I’ll definitely be gifting this one!


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