Alcohol Ink Washer Necklaces

This week’s peek looks at a very popular trend in jewelry right now: alcohol ink washer necklaces.  Those of you who have seen my Pinterest board already know my obsession with dichroic glass jewelry.  This is similar, and was worth trying to make a few to add to my pendant collection.  You’ll first need to purchase a couple of large 25-cent metal washers at Home Depot or your local hardware store.  I noticed that they came stamped with three letters embedded in the metal…ugg!  Some seem to like this effect on their necklaces, (as Pinterest showed several examples) but I for one, don’t!  I’ll reveal my solution to that shortly.


Next you’ll need a stamper (mine’s from Ranger) and assorted alcohol ink colors (Adirondack was used here.)  Please note: for the refill stamper pads, you can either buy a $5.00 pack at the craft store or do what I did:  sheets of white felt run 29 cents and can be cut to make 40-50 of your own refill pads…quite the economical alternative!  Simply squeeze several dots of different ink colors onto the stamper pad; and with a pouncing motion, rotate around the surface of the washer until you get the effect you want.  Let dry a few minutes and then repeat on the other side.  The good new is alcohol ink dries quickly; and if you make a mistake with color selection, just wipe off the washer with a cotton ball saturated with rubbing alcohol.


There are any number of ways to finish these necklaces.  To hide the letters stamped into the metal, I incorporated silver wire on both.  The blue and green one I simply turned over before adding the wire, and the other one was strategically wrapped to cover up the letters. I’ll be able to wear these by slipping them on a silver chain.  I would have tried black leather cording on one of them, but am currently out of stock!  A very unique and inexpensive piece of jewelry in which no two are ever alike.





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