Baby Wipe Stamping Technique

This peek at Pinterest showcases a baby wipe stamping technique originally posted by  I must confess, I didn’t use the exact same inks that the original pinner used, and it resulted in an image that simply wasn’t as “pretty.” Oh yes, I created an image…but for the love of ink, don’t use what I did!  You can do better blog readers!  Sometimes you use what you have on hand, and it backfires on you…this is one of those times!  Here is the technique, as it should be executed:

You’ll need: a baby wipe, piece of white cardstock, a solid image stamp and a few bottles of Distress Ink re-inkers in “pretty colors of choice.” I used water-based re-inkers from Stampin’ Up!  Although Distress dye inks are water-based; they dry slower than regular water-based inks, contain more pigmented color and can be used for embossing. The end image results in tie-dye bursts of color, rather than saturated blobs that look like they were applied with a sponge. (See soggy butterfly image below!)  First, fold the baby wipe in half and then half again.  Place on a craft mat or piece of cardboard.  Start applying drops of various colors of ink onto the wipe, until you’ve covered an area large enough to fit the stamp.


Place your solid-image stamp on the baby wipe and press down firmly to ink it up.  Stamp your image onto the piece of white cardstock.  You’ve just created a multi-colored stamped image, using a baby wipe as your ink pad.  Finish your image by stamping over it with your black-inked detail stamp.  You can then use your image to create a greeting card or as an embellishment in a mixed-media piece.  My soggy, fluttering friend below is still salvageable…just needs a top coat of detail and a little accessorizing.  Ok, maybe a lot of accessorizing…!



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