Fall-Themed Tabletop Decor

This week’s peek showcases some great ideas for seasonal tabletop décor.  I started my fall decorating in early October, hanging my grapevine-pumpkin-autumn foliage wreath on the front door.  It was now time to turn my attention to the inside of the house, where a few carefully displayed items will take me right through Halloween and Thanksgiving with ease…


Although I found some extremely cute ideas for jack-o-lanterns all over Pinterest, I tend to avoid that holiday all together and focus solely on non-decorated pumpkins and other autumn-themed items.  I love seeing the addition of white pumpkins decorated with jewels, beads, and pearls.  Just the absence of that bright orange color, lends an air of instant sophistication to the entire display.  I chose to include a leaf garland and other store-bought pumpkins to sit alongside my decorated one.  By not using real pumpkins, I simply box everything up to reuse next year.  My kitchen table décor is right out of my backyard natural area.  We are fortunate to have those tall “sea pines” here in the beautiful state of Georgia and they produce the best pinecones!  Once I picked the largest ones off the ground, I brought them inside and prepared them using a process that was posted on Pinterest:  lay the pinecones on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake them at 200 degrees for 30-45 minutes.  This will de-bug and fully open them to allow for additional sap to be released.  After cooling, I placed them in a clear container for display.  Some like to spray them first with a clear acrylic coating, but I preferred to keep them in their natural state…I have an endless supply out back to replenish yearly; but those of you that don’t have access to pinecones, may want to clear coat them to reuse.  Happy Fall Y’all!   


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