Holiday Collectibles

This week’s peek looks at collectibles that make an appearance in our home décor every December.  Some passionately collect santas, angels or snow globes all year long; but for me, it’s nutcrackers.  The obsession began in 1992, when my entire department at work received a 6-inch nutcracker from our manager for the holidays.  Fast forward 20+ years later, and my collection has grown from that one green-suited soldier, to over 40 nutcrackers.

My approach to collecting was simple: I sought nutcrackers that reflected the personalities and interests of me and my family.  Among them are gardening, cooking and tennis-themed nutcrackers for me, and sports, reading and recreational ones for my husband.  Last Christmas, my daughter purchased a collegiate “University of Georgia” nutcracker, to represent her. 


It’s easy to pick a favorite out of the collection, because it is prized above all others: my Leonardo Da Vinci one.  For years I searched for the perfect artist-themed nutcracker, but was unsuccessful.  About six years ago, I was in a large home décor store picking up an ornament for a holiday exchange.  I turned down an aisle and was pleasantly surprised to find an entire row of various-themed nutcrackers.  There he was…staring me in the face: Leonardo holding a bucket of brushes in one hand and the Mona Lisa in the other!  What made this exciting find even more of a Christmas miracle, was the price tag: $29.99!  From that day forward, Leo took center stage on my mantel each December.  They are displayed for just 5-6 weeks a year; but the smiles they put on everyone who sees them, are the gift that keeps giving!  

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