Mosaic Dragonfly Rock

This peek at Pinterest, is something that really caught my eye.  Both gardening and mosaic work are passions of mine, so why not combine the two?  The original post is from Sue’s “Rock Star” mosaic rocks with  I altered the project by using tightly-packed seed beads, thereby eliminating the grouting step altogether. 


You’ll need a large, flat-surface rock, decorative beads or jewelry pieces, assorted small pliers or toothpicks and clear silicone.  On a separate surface, lay out your pattern of the dragonfly; checking to match the rock surface measurements.


Begin with the “body” beads (the silver ones, in my example), where the wings will come out from and adhere them to the surface with silicone.  Use the jewelry pliers or toothpicks to assist in positioning the beads.  Glue the head bead next; followed by the tail beads, gradually curving them to the right.  Finish with the small black seed beads that form the outline shapes of the wings.


Apply a fair amount of silicone inside one wing and spread it to the edges with a toothpick.  Begin filling in the area with seed beads, packing them in as tightly as possible.  I used an assortment of blue and green beads for my project.  I turned them sideways as I pressed them into place, hiding the hole and leaving the smooth colored side facing upward.  Repeat the process for the remaining three wings, completing one at a time.  When dry, the silicone holds the beads securely and acts as its’ own grout.  I later sprayed the rock with an acrylic gloss clear coat.  The combination of the gloss sealant and the waterproof silicone, should allow the rock to hold up well against the elements.  I still, however, chose to place it in a semi-covered area in my garden, because I’m very over-protective of all my “works of art!” 

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