Nail Polish Marbled Paper

This week’s peek looks at one of the many techniques for marbling paper.  Pinterest showcased several, including one that I’ve tried using shaving cream; but this one was something I hadn’t seen before: using nail polish to create the marbling effect!  It was going to require raiding my daughter’s stash of nail polish to find the brighter, bolder colors…I’m a more traditional and subtle nail polish wearer!  But for this technique; the wilder the color, the more dramatic the outcome!  No trendy daughter to borrow from?  Just go purchase a few inexpensive bottles of color craziness!  You’ll need: several different bright shades of nail polish, disposable tray and gloves, wooden skewer or straw, and a small piece of watercolor paper.


Fill your disposable tray about halfway up with water.  Have your piece of watercolor paper ready and cut to the size you want.  It will need to be able to lay flat on the water’s surface inside the tray.  Put on the disposable gloves and open the bottles of nail polish. Using a gentle hand, lightly drizzle the colors of polish over the surface of the water.


Next, take the wooden skewer and swirl it through the colors, to marbleize them on the surface.  Working quickly, lay the watercolor paper piece on the surface of the water inside the tray.  Gently press the paper (without submerging) to make certain the entire piece has come in contact with the floating nail polish.  After just a few seconds, carefully pull the paper from the water and lay right side up to dry.


Now you have a beautiful piece of marbled paper.  These can be used for scrapbooking, card-making, picture mats or gift tags.  I finished this one by trimming it, attaching it to another piece of colored card stock and “laminating” it with clear packing tape, to make a bookmark.  Note:  I experimented with different types of nail polish before I found which ones created the best results.  Opt for the plain colored polish: the ones that are glitter-based, strangely enough, did not show up on the watercolor paper. 





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