Scrabble Tiles

This week’s peek looks at crafting with those wooden Scrabble tiles.  I’ve seen so many different ideas to incorporate these game pieces into creative home décor items.  The DIY large, painted plywood ones look great on a media room/basement wall, but I wanted to focus on using the true-to-size tiles.  I had to order a bag of them off Amazon first, but they were very inexpensive:  you receive a nice assortment of letters which equals plenty of leftovers for use in future projects.  You will need:  a shadow box frame (I repurposed one for this project), black mat board (cut to frame opening), hot glue/gun, painter’s tape, Scrabble tiles and other embellishments (shells, small figurines etc…).


First, lay out your tiles on the mat board to determine the design, noting the measurements for the main row of letters in distance from the edges.  Mark this line with a piece of painter’s tape on the mat board to be used as a gluing guideline.  Apply hot glue to each tile and press down onto the mat board.  Finish gluing all the vertical tiles that intersect with the main row. 


Glue any additional embellishments to the bottom of the shadow box frame.  (Mine already had shells in it, so I left it as such.)  Insert the black mat board into the back of the frame and it’s ready for display!  If using tiles that depict family names, it might be fun to glue figure photos to the bottom of the box.  You can easily “theme” these out using embellishments that correspond with the words that the tiles form.  Bottom line:  There are so many ways to craft with Scrabble tiles, that “words” escape me…!       


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