Sharpie Marker Trivet

This week’s peek involves the surprising results of combining Sharpie markers with rubbing alcohol on ceramic tiles.  Now it just so happens that our builder left several boxes of ceramic tiles in our attic, after we moved in…no need to even purchase one at a home improvement store!  The affect you want to achieve will obviously work on the glossy, glazed tiles, but I wanted to experiment with the bisque finish: and that is what I had an ample supply of in the attic!  You’ll need a ceramic tile, sharpie fine-point markers in several colors, isopropyl alcohol, acrylic paint, eye dropper, acrylic spray sealer and 4 small rubber bumpers or protectors, for the bottom of the tile.  Many of the Pinterest tutorials and blog s failed to mention this point, but I think it’s imperative to know for the best results: be sure to use isopropyl alcohol that is at least 91% or more.  This stronger version really breaks down the colors quicker and makes them flow easily.  First, clean and dry your tile. In a random pattern, start applying scribbles of various colors of the markers onto the tile’s surface:


Fill the eye dropper with alcohol.  Begin applying several small drops over the marker scribbles.  You can watch and let the colors merge together naturally, or you can use a straw and gently blow the alcohol in different directions.  I would refrain from tilting the tile, as the alcohol could flow too quickly and muddy the surface.  If this happens, or you don’t like the direction the colors are going in, simply wipe it off and start over…very forgiving technique!  Once you’re happy with the pattern, let it dry completely (at least 1-2 hours).


Paint the sides and back of the ceramic tile with an acrylic paint color that compliments the colors on the surface.  Let dry about 30 minutes, or until its no longer sticky to the touch.  Holding the spray sealer at least 12 inches from the surface of the tile, spray 3-4 light coats, allowing at least 10 minutes between each one.  No need to seal the underside of the ceramic tile.  Apply 4 protective bumper guards to the bottom of the tile to complete the trivet.  This same application can be used on smaller tiles for a set of coasters.





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