Soda Can Butterfly Magnets

This week’s peek involves a little recycling to create a beautiful refrigerator magnet.  My original photo post for this project can be found on my “Upcycled and Recycled” board on Pinterest.  I happen to think that La Croix soda cans are the most beautifully designed cans around. (Arizona Tea comes in a close second!) You can use whatever can’s designs speak to you; just first, rinse them out and thoroughly dry them.  You will need to use an awl or other tool to poke holes all around the top and bottom rims of the can (which makes the cutting go more smoothly.)  Next, cut through the holes with a regular pair of scissors, to remove the top and bottom of the can.  Clean cut the top and bottom jagged edges and remove all writing/manufacturer info from can:


You can find any clip art of butterflies on the internet.  Use cardboard to make a template for all the body parts.  Using different colored soda cans makes the magnet look more interesting.  Set the template on each soda can piece, trace around it with a micron pen and cut it out.  At this time, you can use coordinating colored soda can scraps to create heart-shaped embellishments for the butterfly, with a craft punch.  On the center body shape, use a small hole puncher to create the opening for the brass brad to go through.


Starting with the lower wing halves, hot glue the soda can parts onto card stock.  Be careful, because the glue temp really heats up that aluminum can!  Overlap and glue the top wing sections next.  Snip one prong of the brad to make it slightly shorter.  Put the brad through the opening on the center body shape and push the shorter prong toward the top and the longer prong downward.  Glue the shape to the center of the butterfly.  Using small scissors, carefully cut the cardstock around the entire piece.


To complete the butterfly magnet, cut a 6-inch length of colored wire.  Fold the wire in half, wrap underneath and around the brass brad, and coil each end to form the antennae of the butterfly.  Finish with a magnetic strip hot-glued to the back.  Your fluttering friend is ready for the frig!     


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