T-shirt Quilts


This week’s peek is looking into a season-appropriate topic:  t-shirt and memory quilts.  A few years ago, I decided to jump on the quilting bandwagon and see what I could do with all those t-shirts my daughter had accumulated from activities during her high school years.  I checked Pinterest first, for ideas and to decide what direction I wanted to go in.  There are so many ways one can assemble these types of quilts!  I didn’t care for the uniform-sized t-shirt pieces sewn together in rows, so I decided to wing it and come up with my own layout. I cut all the t-shirts the same size, but divided them with pieces of small-print black and white fabric.  I also used plain black fabric for the back of the quilt.  This neutral color choice paired well with all the colorful t-shirts. After sandwiching quilt batting in-between the front and back and sewing the quilt together, I top-stitched a half-inch in all around the edges.  I also tied small pieces of embroidery floss at all the intersections to quickly “quilt” and give the finish an old-fashioned touch.  


I love the way my quilt turned out and I now have a treasure trove of ideas from Pinterest for future quilts.  Now that my daughter is in a sorority, I found another cute quilt idea using a more interesting layout.  There was a pin for calculated blocks (various-size pieces) that all came together to form a nice-sized 60 X 64″ quilt, using sorority t-shirts.  If you were lucky enough to keep some of your children’s clothing from when they were toddlers, you could re-fashion them into a baby quilt for your grandchild. Any and all are a wonderful way of preserving memories that the recipient will appreciate for a lifetime.   

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