Zentangle Coloring Pages

This week’s peek looks at a very popular trend that’s blowing up Pinterest and the internet, in general: adult coloring pages.  I must confess, I have always enjoyed coloring from the time I was big enough to hold a crayon in my hand.  I couldn’t wait to have a child of my own, just so I would have an excuse to sit and color in a book!  In other words, I was coloring as an adult, when coloring wasn’t “cool.”  I was a closet coloring fanatic twenty-plus years ago, using it as a means to yes–relax…guess I was ahead of my time!


Before my book Creative Tangle was released, I had come up with the idea for a second book of tangled mandala designs for adults to color.  Several people laughed at the idea and thought I was crazy.  Fast forward a year or two, and the market is saturated with what?  Adult coloring books!  Who’s crazy now?  It’s a little too eerie for me to think about how spot-on I was with that prediction…and too big of a disappointment, losing that window of opportunity.  It was an easy progression to develop the patterns of Zentangle, into designs to color.  Crayons have been replaced with intensely-colored markers, pencils and watercolors, that challenge the user to take a more relaxed and deliberate approach to the sophisticated designs.

The Zendoodle Coloring Book is one of many on the market and contains several artists’ designs, of which eight are mine.  There appears to be coloring books of every classification and subject matter that would appeal to adults.  Many of these books have perforated pages to easily tear out and frame your colored creations.  If you don’t want to invest money in several books, there are plenty of free coloring pages on the internet for you to download and print.  In fact, the featured image on this post was a free page I colored using Tombow makers.  I’m loving this trend right now and couldn’t be happier.  So grab a coloring book or page, find your inner child and reduce some stress today.  It’s cool to color again!




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