Blick Tracing Paper

One of my very first blog posts covered a tracing paper transfer technique.  Of course, a result is only as good as the materials and tools used to execute it: enter Blick Tracing Paper.


Contrary to what you might think, it’s not necessary to by expensive vellum for your tracing paper needs.  Blick Art Materials carries a line of tracing paper that like many of their other student-grade products, does the job and does it well.  The paper itself provides the right amount of transparency, without being too thin or flimsy.  Yes, you could use vellum to accomplish the same tracing result, but why spend the additional money?  I can remember back to my art college days, when we used vellum paper as a protective coversheet over our commercial art layouts.  It was more for the professional-looking appearance the vellum provided, with it’s smoother finish.  I’m partial to so many of Blick’s products ( aka Utrecht, in other parts of the country) because the budget-friendly price tag doesn’t mean sacrificing quality.  There’s no hiding why I love this product: just like Blick Tracing Paper…you can see right through me!  

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