Creative Memories Custom Cutting System

Back in my scrapbooking days, I didn’t have a precise method of cutting circular shapes.  I survived for years tracing around saucers and glassware stored in the kitchen cupboards.  Sound familiar?  But one day you realize that a certain size circle does not exist behind those cabinet doors.  Enough was enough!  Enter: the custom circle cutting system by Creative Memories. This changed everything.  The set includes three discs for cutting various size circles, three cutting blades and a transparent sizing template, to assist you in getting the correct cut.  These are especially useful in cutting photos into circles.  You simply select the appropriate disc and colored blade for the size circle you want to cut.  The blade sits in a groove and glides smoothly around the disc while making a clean cut.  Everything is color coded on the template and blades, to eliminate any confusion with what size circles you’re cutting.  My scrapbooking days ended when my daughter graduated from high school, but I still use this system with many of my mixed-media projects.  Ease of use is the primary reason that I love this product.  It will have you going in circles…in a good way!


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