Fiskars Paper Trimmer

It seems simple enough, but a good paper trimmer is a must have in every artist’s studio.  I purchased a Fiskars brand many years ago, and it has not failed me yet!  The construction is lightweight, but sturdy enough to not slip and slide on your work surface.  The extended ruler easily slides out to make accurate cuts of sheets as large as 12 x 12.  The cutting blades last an incredibly long time; and when it does become necessary to change them, they quickly snap into place.  This is a standard straight-edge trimmer and I use it the most for this purpose.  Although I own another trimmer with several different decorative-edge blades, I find that I rarely use it.  Whether  you’re a scrapbook enthusiast, card maker or collage artist, you’ll find this trimmer to be indispensable…and that’s why I love having it on a studio shelf at-the-ready!   


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