Golden Gel Medium

The gel medium in your studio is very much like the distilled white vinegar in the kitchen: so many uses for one product.  It comes in many different forms; but for most all-around uses, I choose Golden regular gel medium in a matte finish.  This is a must-have for every artist’s studio.   


I was first introduced to gel medium in college.  When mixed with acrylic paint, gel medium created a heavy-body consistency that was perfect for adding texture to the piece.  You could apply it with a putty knife, and get a fairly realistic effect of an oil painting. Because of the high cost involved with using oil paints, this was quite the cost -effective alternative for a college student!  I still use gel medium for this purpose today and as an adhesive for collage work.  Here are just some of the other uses for this product:  paint color extender, sealer, used in image transfers and creating glazes.  Whichever application you use it for, you’ll be glad you have a jar of gel medium at the ready! 

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