Hot Off the Press/Crafter’s Workshop Templates

Scrapbooking enthusiasts and mixed-media artists alike know the value of a good set of templates.  The two brands I’ve chosen to discuss today are equal in quality construction and ease of use.  The Crafter’s Workshop 12 X 12 set of templates included patterns containing bubbles, dots, paisley and swirls.  These were purchased awhile back and may be discontinued now.  Their website offers an impressive array of templates/stencils to choose from…many designed by  well-known, mixed-media artists like Julie Fei-Fan Balzer . My Easy Circles template from Hot Off the Press has been used countless times in numerous projects.


Both brands are made from sturdy mylar, which hold up well to heavy-bodied mediums and paints, even with repeated use. The Easy Circles template has a pivot hole in the center to allow the user to rotate the sheet completely around.  The uses are endless.  Scrapbookers love creating background pages by  spraying color mists over the patterned sheets. They double as stencils to add detailed outlines, doodles and stippling to the page.  For mixed-media buffs, modeling paste can be applied over the templates to create dimensional texture on the surface. And let’s not limit it to the crafting studio: bakers can even use these in decorating cakes!  Easy to clean and use…what’s not to love?    


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