Martha Stewart Craft Punches

There are many different brands of craft punches on the market, but I’ve found the complete package with Martha Stewart’s line.  Her products are a blend of quality, varied selection and beautifully-designed images…what more could you want out of a punch?



I personally enjoy using her line of solid-shape large craft punches, that include circles, hearts, and butterflies; to name a few.  I’m not much of a card maker or scrap booker anymore, but rather use these frequently with mixed-media projects.  The more detailed options in this line include circle edge, cut and fold, all over the page punches, as well as, ones that produce garlands.  The cut and fold punch can also be used to create dimensional embellishments.

On average, most Martha Stewart punches run between 10 and 15 dollars, if purchased at Blicks or Michaels.  Her line will always be considered “designer-label” products, which means that they rarely go on sale.  Simply wait for those 40% off coupons at both stores and make your move then!  I did find a limited selection of her punches available on Amazon for an even lower price.  Durable and well-designed, these punches belong in every crafter’s studio drawer!   

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