Sukura Pens

The pen of choice among all Zentangle enthusiasts has to be Sukura Micron pens. In my book, Creative Tangle, I refer to them as MVP’s: Most Valuable Pens:


I must admit, I had never heard of these pens before I started researching Zentangle.  The fact that Sukura pens were recommended by every CZT out there, confirmed for me their reliability and ease of use.  They do not disappoint!  Like other fine-tipped pens, they need a smooth surface to glide across, for best results.  Good quality card stock, Bristol board and hot-pressed illustration board are my personal favorites to take these pens out for a spin.

The point sizes available offer quite a selection for tanglers and illustrators alike.  Most of my work is done in larger scale, so I prefer the  .03, .05 and .08 pen sizes.  Even though I rarely use anything smaller, I was very impressed with the detail you can get with a pen that does not seem to dry out quickly…especially with the finer tips.  In my experience, I did notice that the black ink Sukura pens seemed to outlast the colored ones.  This could simply be that the more saturated the ink color, the longer the pen will last.  In my artwork, I tend to leave color as an underlay or base.  When the black ink is applied on top, everything pops!  Which ever application you use these pens for, you can’t go wrong.    

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