Ultra-fine Sharpies on Fabric

Trying to find the right kind of fine-tipped marker for use on fabric, can be a bit daunting.  I first experimented with various markers for a project that was to appear in my book, Creative Tangle.  I was looking for something that could render crisp lines and detail, but kept bleeding to a minimum.  Although I had some initial success using the Sakura Micron pens, I discovered that the ultra-fine point Sharpie markers worked even better.  My blue crab project is shown below.  As you can see, there were many areas of detail in the claws and in the scallop shapes that made up the body of the crab.  By pulling my blue fabric pieces taut around cardboard first, it allowed a fairly smooth surface on which to apply the markers.  I drew out the design, let the ink dry thoroughly and then heat-set the fabric in a dryer.  Next, the various body parts were cut out, sewn together, stuffed with fiberfill and the opening was slip-stitched closed. Two black beads hot-glued to the front, completed the project.  There was very little bleed throughout the drawing process and no discoloration or fading after the fabric was heat-set.  With results like these, what’s not to love about using Sharpies on fabric?   



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