Versamark Watermark Stamp Pad

It’s been about fifteen years since I was introduced to decorative rubber stamps.  One of the many techniques I was shown, stood out from all the rest: embossing!  I loved the look of this “raised effect” that magically appeared on the surface of my cardstock.  To achieve a nice embossed image, you had to first start with a product called Versamark.


The surface of this stamp pad was spongy and sticky, to the touch.  You simply pressed your rubber stamp on to the Versamark pad and stamped your piece of cardstock with the clear image.  Working quickly, you then poured embossing powder over the stamped image.  Once it was fully coated, the embossing powder would adhere to the sticky image.  You could then tap off the remaining powder into a scrap piece of paper and gently pour all of it back into the jar of embossing powder.  Using a heat gun, you waved it across the image until the powder melted and a beautiful raised design was revealed.  Versamark pads were primarily used for embossing stamped images, but a demonstrator showed me another technique that was equally exciting.

You could also create ghost-like images with the same stamp pad.  Using colored cardstock, you stamped the surface with a rubber stamp “inked” with Versamark. The image that appeared was a slightly darker hue of whatever color of cardstock you were stamping on.  It created a very subtle background design that you could layer on to.  In honor of Halloween, I showed both of these techniques through gold embossed leaves on black cardstock and the ghost-like leaves on the orange. Happy haunting y’all!  

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