Ink and Water Technique

The first time CZT and Facebook friend, Karen Izzi shared Amazing Art’s video of this technique, I was simply amazed!  The spontaneity of the resulting design leaves you awestruck and a little scared, at the same time!  I knew I had to give it a try, so I approached the task in the same manner as the artist in the video.  This first attempt was for experimentation, not for perfection.  Although the artist demonstrating the technique was gifted enough to put the base “water” drawing down without any guidelines, I’d probably lightly sketch out my design first.  So again, it’s not an accurate rendition of an iris plant…I merely wanted to see how the two mediums worked together.


First, you’ll need to gather a few supplies:  a piece of watercolor paper, a small brush (or water brush pen), container filled with water, and water-based ink (I used Lovely Lilac and Glorious Green from Stampin’ Up!).  It’s a little hard to see in the above photo, but I “painted” my design on the surface of the paper using only water and a small brush.  I believe the artist in the original video used a water brush pen, which allowed for more detail in the piece.  Since I was using two different ink colors, I drew the iris parts separately.  The purple ink was dropped in several areas onto the wet design first; then I immediately applied more water for the leaves of the plant, dropping green ink afterwards to slightly merge into the previous ink color.  I let this dry overnight, as the addition of ink seems to extend the drying time.  For the most dramatic effects, drop only black ink into the water.  With a little practice using a more detailed brush, this is one technique where letting go of fear, results in a design that is truly stunning!




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