Scroll-edge Window Gift Wrap

Back in the day, my mother was known for her gift-wrapping skills.  Many of the recipients were reluctant to tear into the boxes because they were “too pretty to open.”  Thankfully, she passed down those skills to me, and I’d like to share one of my favorite techniques for the upcoming holiday season.  A gift box showcasing a scroll-edge window, only looks complicated…it’s actually very easy and makes for a very elegant presentation.  You’ll need: foil wrapping paper, pen or marker, ruler, X-acto knife, holiday greeting card and a standard No. 2 pencil.


First, wrap your gift box with the foil paper. On the top of your package, center the front portion piece of the greeting card and mark each of the four corners of the card with a tiny dot made with the pen or marker.


Place the ruler on top of the box and connect the dots on the corners with two diagonal lines drawn with the pen. Lay the ruler down again, and using the X-acto knife, make two diagonal cuts along those lines and to the dots on each corner.  You will now have four triangular-shaped parts to work with on the foil paper.


In the above photo, you can see that I used my burnishing tool instead of a pencil.  The key is to use something with ridges on it, that creases the foil paper and holds the rolled-edge better.  I just don’t think smooth pencils work as well for this technique.  First, tuck your card under the four foil paper triangles.  Mine stayed secure; but if necessary, you can put a small piece of double-sided tape on the back of the card to hold it in place.  Starting from the pointed end of the triangle piece, place your pencil and slowly roll the paper backwards.  Continue rolling the foil paper tightly around the pencil, creasing horizontally as you go.  When you get to the end, carefully slide the pencil out from the roll sideways.  Proceed with the remaining three foil pieces, until all edges are rolled back and a loosely-scrolled window is revealed.


I like to finish the gift with the tag adhered to the side of the box…you don’t want anything to take away from the beautiful window you’ve created on the top of the box.  Try wrapping one gift this season, using this technique…it may result in two kisses under the mistletoe!      

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