Stippling Technique

In my book , Creative Tangle, I demonstrate a stippling technique in my tangled Mona Lisa project.  This is an alternative method to add shading to your drawing.  Dots of ink are applied repeatedly to the surface of the paper to indicate the gradation of light to dark.  The more dots that appear, the darker the shaded area.  In the example below I used a .08 micron pen and drew a simple apple shape on the card stock.


The first layer of dots indicate the lightest area of shadowing. Apply them sparingly;  just enough to outline the areas on the apple that you want to show as a shadow.


Gradually move outward toward the edges of the apple, increasing the number of dots as you go.  As a simple black and white sketch, you could stop here as a completed example.


I decided to add color to the black and white drawing to give it depth, detail and a sense of realism.  Prismacolor pencils were used to achieve this affect. This is a simple technique to learn and adds an interesting texture to your drawings.  Give it a go!    



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