Tangling 3-D Objects

In my book, Creative Tangle I showcased many projects that included a form of tangling on a 3-dimentional object.  This time around, I wanted to revamp a tired, rarely-used item into a real show-piece for my studio.  Enter: the wood drawing mannequin from my college years.  It had a mal-functioning leg and was already scuffed up, so it was perfect for this application.


I coated the entire piece first with a flat-finish white spray paint and primer in one.  This gave a nice base to add the pens and markers to.  I used a combination of Sakura micron pens and Sharpie ultra-fine point markers.  The over-all design began with dividing the mannequin into several sections or body parts.  I was careful in choosing patterns that resembled clothing and further “dressed” the mannequin with drawing a repeat of the pattern on the corresponding body part.  For example, the legs give the appearance of seamed, fishnet stockings and the pattern around the neck reflects a piece of jewelry being worn.  I was fairly certain that a final coat of spray varnish or mod podge would smear the ink, so I left it unprotected.  This is perfectly fine for a display piece that will sit on a shelf.  Total drawing time was about 12 hours, but time well spent.  Now this tangled piece of timber is my studio mascot!



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