Working with Crystal Lacquer


If you’re looking to dabble in resin, this is a good technique to get a feel for it, but on a smaller scale.  It’s also a “green” craft that repurposes items you would normally throw away.  For this project you’ll need:  Empty bottle caps, Crystal Lacquer, circle template, small beads, magnetic strip, and a variety of decorative paper elements.  I’ve used scrapbook paper, clip art and even magazine scraps, in the past.


Find a circle on your template that matches the back of the bottle cap.  Trace onto your paper element and cut out.  Attach beads or other embellishments with a small amount of glue to the paper circle.  Keep your 2-D elements under 1/8 inch high.  Unlike resin, Crystal Lacquer needs just a thin layer to cover and dry clear.  Otherwise, the embedded objects become too cloudy inside the bottle cap. (I speak from experience!)


Glue your paper disc inside the bottle cap.  Pour just enough Crystal Lacquer to cover the embellishments.  You’ll need to use a toothpick to pop any air bubbles that rise to the surface.


Allow to dry 24 hours.  When lacquer is set, attach a small piece of magnetic strip to the back of the bottle cap.  The above photo shows other examples with just paper adhered to the inside cap and no embellishments.  Either way, they make adorable magnets for your frig or other metal boards! 

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